Early Preschool
& Preschool

3 to early 4 years
Staff to Child Ratio: 1 to 10

Paving the Way for Lifelong Learning

Welcome to Preschool! Our unique Early Preschool and Preschool programs combine planned academic experiences, hands-on learning, exciting enrichment classes and structured play in a safe and caring environment. Children have the opportunity to create and explore with an engaging, standards-based curriculum with lessons and activities that encourage learning through play!

  • Early Preschool and Preschool is often a time of emerging independence – we provide opportunities for children to make choices and take initiative in their learning journey.


  • Our well-rounded curriculum sparks curiosity in preschool age children and fosters a love for learning.


  • We offer opportunities for age-appropriate enrichment activities that enhance cognitive, physical and social development.
What do Preschoolers learn and do at Stepping Stones?

Literacy, Language & Communication

Children develop literacy by consistently being exposed to oral and written language and building on prior knowledge and language experiences. Stepping Stones curriculum provides your child with invaluable language and writing experiences that are designed to increase vocabulary, improve listening and speaking skills, as well as develop pre-writing and writing skills.

Some ways our teachers encourage language development are through:

  • Reading aloud: Large & small group as well as one-on-one reading activities
  • Continue to teach beginning reading skills such as comprehension, phonics and language
  • Phonemic awareness: learned through rhymes, songs and poetry
  • Group time and Centers: Learn the relationship between sounds and letters and practice recognizing and distinguishing letters
  • Early writing skills: Sounding out letters and working on “writing” what they hear
  • Writing Centers: children are encouraged to express ideas and stories through drawing and illustrating pictures
  • Starting with tracing then developing the ability to write letters, numbers and name independently

Math & Science

Math and science are about more than counting and recognizing shapes, even for 3- and 4-year-olds! Our teachers encourage preschoolers to explore math and science concepts they encounter in their everyday interactions with the world. Stepping Stones curriculum promotes observation, discovery and problem-solving.

Children learn and work on:

  • Classification of objects
  • Sorting
  • Patterns
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Cause and effect relationships
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Spatial relationships and measurements
  • Topics such as space, weather, seasons and the earth
  • And much more!

Self-Help Skills & Independence

At Stepping Stones, we believe in developing the whole child, including their self-help skills and independence!

Children learn and develop important skills such as: 

  • Using the toilet
  • Washing their hands properly
  • Helping with mealtimes
  • Self-feeding with utensils
  • Dressing themselves
  • Picking up toys

Social-Emotional Development

An important part of a child’s social-emotional development is developing self-awareness, self-concept, sensitivity to the feelings of others and coping skills.

At Stepping Stones, we:

  • Praise accomplishments and reinforce positive behavior to increase self-esteem
  • Promote an understanding and respect for differences by encouraging children to help others and spark interest in how people in different cultures live
  • Support children in sharing, cooperating and being respectful with others
  • Use compromise and discussion to resolve conflicts with the help of a teacher
  • Redirect inappropriate behavior

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

At Stepping Stones, we understand how busy families are outside of school. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds was designed to make sure children, while in our care, are provided nourishing meals/snacks, ample opportunities for keeping active, engaging academic lessons and an exceptional environment in which to grow.

  • Meals are freshly made by our in-house chef following a healthy menu focused on fresh ingredients and our LANA program.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and snacks are eaten family style. Children sit with their teacher and classmates; learn the give and take of conversation, practice table manners and how to serve themselves.

Enrichment for Preschoolers

In addition to our curriculum, Stepping Stones believes all children should have the opportunity to participate in enrichment classes and activities. Our program is all-inclusive; meaning enrichment is provided free of charge. Enrichment for Preschoolers includes Character Education, Field Trips, LANA, Music Class, Spanish, Yoga 4 Kids and greater academic experiences.