Year Before Kindergarten
Staff to Child Ratio: 1 to 10

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

At Stepping Stones Early Learning Center, we take Kindergarten Readiness seriously. We believe a mix of natural curiosity and a love of learning along with an amazing, fun educational experience is a recipe for success! Our role as educators is to provide children with an environment that makes all of this possible. Stepping Stones Kindergarten Readiness (KR) programs thoughtfully blend the natural curiosity children have to explore their environment with a structured, academic-based curriculum. Our experienced KR teachers provide lessons and activities that are unparalleled when it comes to being prepared for kindergarten.

  • We tailor lessons and activities to each child, recognizing and addressing their unique readiness levels.


  • Our experienced and caring teachers engage children with age-appropriate lessons and activities, ensuring readiness for the next academic step.


  • Children who spend a couple years in our program are typically one year ahead of other children when they enter the public school.
What do Kindergarten Readiness students learn and do at Stepping Stones?

Literacy, Language & Communication

  • Handwriting without Tears®
  • Literacy Centers: include letter sounds work, site words games, rhyme and pattern activities
  • Encourage reasoning and thinking skills, which allow children to be able to understand and discuss the reasons for rules and routines


  • Math Center: includes sequencing, partitioning, sorting and one-to-one correspondence
  • Introduction to money, with a focus on coin denominations


  • Learn about physical properties by exploring water, soil, living things, simple machines, weather and the environment
  • Gain the ability to differentiate between the five senses and related body parts
  • Identify major parts of plants: roots, stem, leaf, flower, trunk, and branches
  • Compare the parts of different animals: skin, fur, feathers, scales, wing, flipper, fin and more


Technology is ever-changing, and at Stepping Stones, we believe that introducing children to technology is an important piece of developing a lifetime foundation of safe technology use. Kindergarten Readiness classrooms have access to Smart Board technology, designed to enhance the curriculum and learning experience.

Self-Help Skills & Independence

We work on developmentally age-appropriate skills, including using the toilet and washing hands, helping to set and clear the table at mealtime, self-feeding, putting on winter outerwear, picking up toys and more.

Social-Emotional Development

Developing self-awareness, self-concept, sensitivity to the feelings of others and coping skills are part of a child’s social-emotional development.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

At Stepping Stones, we understand how busy families are outside of school. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds was designed to make sure children, while in our care, are provided nourishing meals/snacks, ample opportunities for keeping active, engaging academic lessons and an exceptional environment in which to grow.

Enrichment for Kindergarten Readiness

In addition to our curriculum, Stepping Stones believes all children should have the opportunity to participate in enrichment classes and activities. Our program is all-inclusive; meaning enrichment is provided free of charge. Enrichment for Kindergarten Readiness includes Character Education, Field Trips, LANA, Music Class, Spanish, Yoga 4 Kids, STEM and greater academic experiences.