Developing Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga benefits children both mentally and physically. Studies show that children who participate in yoga are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, quiet the mind and calm themselves. Physically, Yoga 4 Kids increases flexibility, strength, body awareness and even teaches children discipline.

Children aren’t little adults. They have different needs and learn in different ways. Stepping Stones Early Learning Center offers developmentally and age appropriate yoga focusing on interactive and imaginative poses, breathing techniques and games that encourage your child’s developing mind, body and spirit.

Stepping Stones Yoga 4 Kids classes feature:

  • Lessons designed for Early Preschool through School Age children
  • Fun animal and letter poses and games
  • Calming breathing skills and cooperative learning
  • Work on balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Poses designed to enhance focus and boost confidence, courage, self-esteem and flexibility
  • Videos that incorporate themes and characters that children love to keep them engaged